Saskatoon Growth Plan Summit

2016-03-14 All day

The development of the Growth Plan to Half a Million (Growth Plan) for the City of Saskatoon is nearing completion!
Growth Plan - Save the Date

In advance of requesting a final decision on the Growth Plan, the Administration will be presenting the key directions of the Growth Plan’s major initiatives in a public Growth Plan Summit event as part of Council’s Governance and Priorities Committee meeting on March 14, 2016. Along with presentations from the Administration on the major initiatives, the Summit will also include a presentation by Mr. Jarrett Walker, author of the book Human Transit, regarding transit planning principles and the recommendations for Saskatoon Transit included in the Growth Plan. Following these topics, stakeholders and members of the public will be invited to provide comments on the Growth Plan to Committee.

It’s important for members of City Council and the Administration to hear your perspective. If you’d like to provide comments during the Summit, you can do this either by preparing a written submission or by requesting to speak through the Contact City Council form on the City’s website, here. More information on the Growth Plan can be found on the project website at