SCOA Globe Walk 2017




From January 9, 2017 until April 27, 2017 teams MOTIVATE each other to walk the equivalent distance of over 500,000 miles in our SPACE STATION ORBITING TOUR (this year’s theme). Participants can stroll or roll, hike or bike, swim or gym; all forms of physical activity count. Each ½ hr of physical activity counts as one mile. The Globe Walk inspires all 50+ adults to stay active and work with their team to achieve this awesome goal! In 2016, 77 teams with 2486 members (aged 50 to 100) logged 437,069 miles. This year we want to increase both our members and our mileage.

Please consider being a Captain for Globe Walk this year or finding someone in your community who might be able to do this. It’s fun for participants, super easy to join and it’s free! There are even opportunities to walk the track at the Saskatoon Field House or the Martensville Athletic Pavilion. We also have wonderful social events throughout the winter months to keep participants motivated. No team – no problem! Just contact me and I will put your name on a SCOA team.

January 9 Captain’s Launch (Saskatoon Field House)
February 20 Forestry Farm Family Walk
March 17 St Patrick’s Day Walk
April 12 Surprise Event (Details to follow)
May 10 Celebration Lunch at WDM

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