*NEW CLASS* Fundamentals of Drawing



Instructor:                                Crystal Rassi

Time:                                       Tuesday at 7pm to 8:30pm River Heights School

Class Information:                    An introduction to drawing for adults. Covering the importance of line, shape, contour, perspective, and shading, you’ll be able to manipulate your pens and pencils like you never thought you could before. Focus is on basic still life and landscape to be able to get your feet wet for more complex subjects.

Required Class Materials:         ***All materials can be purchased at Art Placement, downtown Saskatoon***

Pencils – 1ea…2H, 2B, 5B, 8B                                     1-Compressed Charcoal (medium)

Pencil sharpener                                                            Blending stick

1-gum eraser                                                                   1-white eraser

1-kneaded rubber eraser                                           1- Economic Newsprint pad 18×24.

1- Canson 11×14 drawing pad


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