Graffiti Management

Graffiti Management Online Reporting Service

Service Saskatoon launched a new page on today with links to all the online forms. Part of that launch is a brand new form to report graffiti!

When you are speaking with residents, please let them know that they have two ways to report graffiti:

  1. Online – There is an online form on the website. Here where it is located:
  2. Services for Residents – Housing & Property – Graffiti Reduction
  3. Services for Residents – Online Services – Housing & Property  – Report Graffiti
  4. Reporting by Phone – Call 306-975-2828


After graffiti has been reported the information is sent to the appropriate business unit and prioritized in the system for removal. Obscene, vulgar or hate graffiti is top priority and will be responded to first.


Helpful tips for reporting graffiti:

  • When reporting online, please include a photo whenever possible
  • When reporting graffiti, please provide the best location description possible
  • Residents are able to report graffiti on City of Saskatoon property and on other property using the online form or by calling 306-975-2828

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